About Family Crest Coat of Arms

About Family Crest Coat of Arms

Welcome to Family Crest Coat of Arms! I want to help you restore the memory your family’s heritage, recover your family crest and coat of arms, and learn from your storied history!

FamilyCrestCoatofArms founder having some fun!About Danny

My name is Daniel Patrick McKeever but my friends call me Danny. I am mostly Irish/Italian with a little Scotch, Welsh, and German mixed together. When My grandpa Willy McKeever left Port glennone, Northern Ireland as a young lad (9 years old) with his slightly older sister my fate as an American was sealed. Sailing past the Statue of Liberty and settling briefly in Long Island, Willy eventually made his way to Rockford, Illinois where he would meet his lovely Italian wife Irene Dodaro. They were bakers of wonderful Italian bread and in this way, young Willy from Northern Ireland, together with his wife forged a new life and generations to follow.

I am a happy product of Grandpa Willy’s journey and I remember well when I went back to the small town of his birth with my father and him, the mythos of my family came into full view. I cherished the stories and I shall never forget what I learned about my family and in some ways, about myself.

While we were over in the North of Ireland, we came upon a shop that made and sold family crests and family coat of arms. My father, Grandpa Willy, and I ordered two family crests. One for McKeever (actually MacGyver as the story goes that our people came first from Scotland a long, long time ago) and the other for Maloney which was my mother’s maiden name. There was something about those symbols that spoke to me. My mother’s with the Boar and the Tusks, fearless and independent yet also unable to forget past injustices, and my father’s and Willy’s, with the stoic knight implying an educated patience coupled with the steely will and stubborn righteousness. These were family crests that spoke not only to my heritage but also to my present tendencies.

History is rich and our families have struggled to achieve what we have today. I hope you find your roots and cherish your family history as much as I do my own!

Family Crest Coat of Arms Mission

My mission is to provide enthusiasts of genealogy and personal heritage with beautiful family coat of arms and family crests to remind them of their rich and wonderful family history.


Thank You!

I can not thank you enough for caring about history. It is because of folks like us that the world retains its diverse people and that cultures are shared between our species.  In this way, no family truly dies.  Instead they live in the minds of all those who follow them just as we live from the efforts of all those who came before us.

Family Crest Coat of Arms is happy to welcome you into our family! Order a beautiful coat of arms for a friend, relative or for your own family history.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Daniel Patrick McKeever


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